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I choose to be bold

Today my self-awareness is crystal clear:

My journey and experiences are what I possess, and

I would like to extend an invitation to witness.

Each stroke I've taken holds a narrative, waiting to unfold.

So, let me show you my story.

And every stroke I took.

Embracing Life

This journey called life, in my case, has been a tapestry of experiences, with a touch of destiny’s unpredictable hand. I initially lacked direction, but fate had lessons in store that would redefine my perspective.

In 2020, my mother's painful passing from cancer left me feeling lost and empty. Only ten months later, Covid-19 took my father, adding to the pain. The suffering I felt was the catalyst for a profound shift in my energy and vibes, setting me on an unexpected path of self-discovery.

In the midst of this darkness, I found my salvation in colors. They became my refuge, embodying the energy and positivity that I craved. This realization marked the beginning of a new chapter, one I love to call Bold Strokes.

"Bold Strokes" represents more than just art; it symbolizes the transformation of a life's canvas. As I embraced colors, each stroke became a tangible manifestation of resilience and newfound purpose.

Through stages of pain, desperation, anger, and depression, I walked a rocky road of emotions. Until I realized I needed help and healing from within. The search for something positive to surround myself led me to colors.

Today, my art aims to represent not only the interplay of shades on canvas but also the mosaic of emotions that life can show us. Through the journey of "Bold Strokes," I invite you to channel pain into power, and sorrow into strokes of colors.

This evolution and my wish in sharing it are a display of the human spirit's capacity to find beauty and strength in the most unexpected places.



Strokes ?

Everyone has faced their own challenges and made their own bold moves.

The word "bold" suggests courage and the willingness to tackle your inner self. It's about breaking free from the ordinary and embracing one's uniqueness.

"Strokes" it's the link to the artistic dimension. Yet it's not just about the brush on canvas: it's about the strokes of life—the experiences, challenges, the vulnerability and the moments that shape us.

Thin Swirly Arrow Marker Line

"Bold Strokes" is not just a phrase—it symbolizes a journey of transformation, and an invitation to start a journey of resilience,

"Bold Strokes" is more than just art; it's a philosophy, a way of life. It reminds us that life's canvas is vast and open, waiting for us to paint our stories with courage and creativity, embracing change, finding beauty in imperfections, and channeling pain into something beautiful.

Each brushstroke weaves a narrative of healing, hope, and the boundless potential that lies within us all.




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It was a Sunday afternoon.

I was thinking how the loss of my mum and dad drove me into a disorienting abyss, almost 3 years before. Times had changed, and I found myself navigating an unfamiliar existence without them.

Have you ever experienced the sudden departure of a loved one, without a chance to say goodbye?

Suddenly, every step you take becomes a journey across a profound darkness.

Light becomes a distant memory, the very act of seeking it requires all the rest of one's strength.

Energy reserves are barely enough to carry you from sunrise to sunset.

Around me, there was no storm.

Instead, all lied flat

and quiet

and dark.


Blue color is believed to symbolize imagination, sensitivity, stability.


Imagine you have to reroute a huge ship, but there's a storm, equipment is not strong enough and the very time you feel like you're succeeding the wind blows against you with all its power.


But you have to do try, surrender is not an option.

Do it for yourself, do it for those who love you the most and you love the most.


You found a way to regain and put back together all the pieces you've lost while navigating. There's a possibility that you may start sailing again. Take the chance, face the opportunity and




"Sonder" is a term that refers to the realization that every person you encounter is the protagonist of their own story, with feelings, thoughts, and experiences that are uniquely their own. Also, it conceals a sense of empathy and connection.

When you combine friendship with "sonder," it deepens your appreciation for the people in your life. It encourages you to approach your friends with a sense of empathy, acknowledging that their experiences are just as significant and complex as your own. "Sonder" reminds you to listen actively, understand deeply, and value the depth of your friends' emotions and stories.

The discovery of this combination slowly gave back colors to my life.


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A couple hours of surfing lesson in Porto taught me that:

It's all about balance, patience, resilience.

Just as a skilled surfer embraces the unpredictability of the ocean, we too must navigate the unpredictable twists and turns of life.

We must learn to stay afloat and adapt, even when the waves seem hostile.

And just like a surfer learns from every wave, we should

approach our difficulties as valuable moments.

Each misfortune can be an opportunity for growth and self-discovery, making us better equipped to ride the waves of life with style and confidence.


I found love again

Love for myself

Love for my life

Love for my people

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A Colorful Jungle of Emotions

Living and overcoming a trauma it’s a chance to explore

the complexities of the human mind and emotions.

The next brush-step I took represents to me a metaphorical journey into the psyche

where thoughts and emotions manifest as a vivid jungle of colors and forms.

Fear, Joy, Sadness

Relief, Confusion, Peacefullness

Anxiety, Happiness, Caos

Satisfaction, Insecurity, Denial

Mourning, Anger, Apathy

Depression, Sense of Guilt, Acceptance

Can’t you see?

Your head is a (colored) jungle.


More Artworks

“The Opinions’ Blossom”


A garden of perspectives and viewpoints, a celebration of open-mindedness.

Each stroke a view – diverse and bold, like flowers in bloom. An explosion of colors representing thoughts and ideas.

Each brushstroke intends to symbolize the diversity of thoughts and the beauty of individual expression.


50 x 70 cm

“Our Golden Years”


Our journey through life has an ever-changing nature, twists and turns should be embraced with determination and strength. Right after the chaos (of brushstrokes), there are subtle moments of serenity and beauty, let's remember to pause and appreciate the small joys of our existence!

Explore the intricate details of your own existence, and make sure to always find some light and richness in love and the people that support you through difficulties. You’re not alone.

Also, in the midst of dark times, always be sure to grab from inside you some “Golden Resilience”: emerge from challenges shining brightly in the face of adversity!

Acrylics + Acrylic Sand Paste + Gold leaf on Canvas

100 x 70 cm

“Even If Ain’t No Sunshine”


Just as dawn follows the darkest night, there is always the promise of light on the horizon.

Despite difficult and uncertain times, even if ain’t no sunshine, take a moment to pause and hold your breath, a quiet introspection could prove you that there exists an indomitable light within you: a slight light emerges, it’s your soul accompanied by hope.

Believe in your ability to overcome even the most challenging circumstances, even if ain’t no sunshine, you will find a way through the shadows.


60 x 80 cm

“Piacere, Stefano”


I was asked by a friend of mine to paint a custom artwork for him, only by thinking of him. “You know we” he said “I won’t tell you anything else, go and create something for me!”

Well, Stefano is a gemini. Is it enough of a reson to create a Pollock-inspired painting? Maybe.

Stefano is pure caos, madness and audacity. But also brightness like those light colors, and exceptional depth like that green beneath every line. And more, more of him.


100 x 100 cm

“Ponte En Camino Hacia La Luz”


Detail 1

The pilgrim

Detail 2

The Santiago

De Compostela Cathedral

The essence of the Camino de Santiago contains a profound sense of spirituality, self-discovery, and resilience. It embodies a transformative journey through the physical act of walking, a result of moments of reflection, introspection, and spiritual growth while crossing breathtaking landscapes and arduous paths.

In this commissioned painting, an alone pilgrim is computing her personal Camino surrounded by green: green symbolizes growth, renewal, and the journey’s spiritual aspect, while the elongated golden trail signifies the enduring path towards enlightenment.

Despite the vast distance to the journey’s end, the pilgrim’s goal is evident: their silhouette poised against the backdrop, filled with anticipation and determination. While creating this artwork, I wanted to capture the essence of the Camino’s transformative nature, blending the natural beauty of the landscape with the profound inner journey of the pilgrim.


150 x 50 cm

“I plunged into the Abyss, and once out,

I was Born Again”


Splashes of red for pain and struggles

Blue depths for the abyss of tough times

And an shy, gentle, yellowish light breaking through from behind, symbolizing hope, a new start.

The rebirth that follows overcoming adversity.

In this new commissioned painting I tried to capture the strength found in overcoming hardship, and the raw emotion of ultimately emerge renewed.

A quote by Charles Baudelaire completes this artwork,

who wrote in “Le Voyage“:

“This fire burns our brains so fiercely

We wish to plunge to the abyss’ depths

Heaven or Hell, does it matter?

To the depths of the Unknown

To find something new”


Acrylics + Pastels + Acrylic Sand Paste

100 x 100 cm

Choose a chapter of your life

and if you'd like, share it with me.

I'll lend my ear and translate it onto canvas.

Let's heal together

through art.

Your story, your emotions, your canvas.

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Exhibitions & Publications

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  • Featured in "Artistcloseup" Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue #13 10.12.2023 - 10.12.2023

  • International Art Exhibition "Arte Firenze", Museo Galleria Bellini, Lungano Soderini n3, Florence 16.12.2023 - 23.12.2023

  • 3D Virtual Exhibition "Suspended World" Arteom Gallery, Virtual Art Gallery 24.01.2024 - 09.02.2024

  • LA Art Show 2024, LA Convention Center 14.02.2024 - 18.02.2024

The Studio ✨🪣🎨

What is a safe place?

To me, a place where my head rests,

And my heart feels.

Where the mask I wear,

Falls away.

A place I feel grounded,

In my chaotic life.

Where if only for a moment,

I feel happy.


I place I feel loved,

When I need it the most.

Where nothing,

But me is expected.

A place that changes,

As time passes.

Where I feel strong,

But can be weak.

That is my self place.

“What is a safe place?”

Poem by Jacob Ian Allen


2023 Amanda Kowalski